We will design a new Conservatory to fit your unique lifestyle. Allow the outdoors in and never leave the luxurious comfort of your English-inspired Sunroom! ECCO Sunroom And Awning offers 12 “optomized” or standard size conservatories if your working on a budget. Custom sized conservatories, Greenhouses and orangeries can be designed and installed on ANY shape or style of home. We have the expertise make your dream a reality!

Make a relaxing indoor garden, music room or create an exquisite dining room while giving your home a stinning new look! Whatever your vision, a conservatory from ECCO Sunroom And Awning will transform your family’s lifestyle while adding value and beauty to your home.

ECCO Sunroom And Awning Conservatories and Sunrooms are constructed with the finest quality materials and constructed by our own in house employees! Call 757-424-0022 Today for a FREE in Home Estimate!

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A solarium is a sunroom addition that is made entirely of glass. This unique type of sunroom is also known as a green house or glass enclosure. Owing to being completely constructed of glass, solariums trap as much light as possible. With ultimate sunlight, a solarium provides the feeling of being outdoors while in the comfort of your own home. Glass walls and a glass roof give you an amazing view of your outdoors. Imagine being inside your home with floor to ceiling views of your outdoors.


Conservatories are similar to sunrooms in that they provide an opportunity to enjoy the scenery of your backyard in the comfort of your home. Unlike sunrooms, conservatories were built on a tradition of horticulture spaces brought to the US from wealthy Americans touring Europe in the Victorian era. Conservatories are typically constructed with half of the walls being glass while 75% of the roof is made of glass. Being constructed primarily of glass, conservatories are ideal living spaces for homeowners looking for a space to grow and house plants as well as a fabulous place for dining and entertaining.


An orangery is a room with origins in being specially designed to house and grow citrus plants that can not winter over in the cold season. While they are similar to conservatories, orangeries differ in that they traditionally have walls with less than 50% being comprised of glass and ceilings where less than 75% comprised of glass. If you enjoy plants inside and out and are looking for a grand space to add curb appeal to your home, consider an orangery.