7 Ways To Use A Sunroom

A new sunroom is like a blank canvas – a cost-efficient addition to your home with the special perks of being able to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while in the comfort of your home. There are countless ways under the sun to enjoy your sunroom.

If you’re wondering what do with a sunroom, or what you can turn your sunroom into, look no further! We are detailing 7 sunroom ideas that are sure to make your sunroom into the room you’ve always dreamed of.

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sunroom with comfortable seating for entertaining | Ways to Use A Sunroom

#1 Use Your Sunroom For Entertaining

One of the most popular uses of sunrooms is to expand or enhance home entertaining space. You may need more space to gather and entertain than your home’s current floor plan allows. You may want to utilize the view of your landscaped yard to provide a more inviting space for entertaining. There are many reasons you may consider adding a sunroom to your home with the goal of an added entertaining space.

To decorate your sunroom for maximum entertainment value, consider comfortable seating arranged to promote conversation. Outfit your sunroom with high top tables, bars, end tables, or coffee tables to provide ample space for guests to set plates of snacks or beverages. A side table is a great place for you to set-up a snack buffet or bar so that guests can help themselves and prevent you from having to run back and forth to and from the kitchen. Depending on the square footage of your sunroom will determine the amount of furniture you will want to house in the space. You will want the space comfortable with ample seating but not overly furnished.

Sunrooms also make a great place to entertain for family fun game nights. If you are looking to use your sunroom space for family game night, consider adding a pool table, foosball table, air hockey table, or a basic round table on which to play board games or cards. Having grandkids over? Include a section in your sunroom with their favorite toys, games, and books to make going to grandma’s and grandpa’s extra special. 

Incorporate comfortable seating for folks to gather around and spend hours of conversation. Adding end tables or coffee tables around the seating arrangement provides space for snacks and drinks to add to the casual and fun ambiance. Use a dual purpose cabinetry, storage bench, or coffee table with storage where your family favorite games can be kept and easily accessible. Whether you are having a family fun night for your immediate family or friends, a sunroom is a great space to use for entertaining and game nights. Four season rooms, three season rooms, and solariums are sunroom spaces that are ideal entertaining spaces.

#2 Use Your Sunroom As A Leisure Space

The second most popular use of sunrooms is for a space of leisure. You may be looking for a space to meditate or be alone before you start your day – a place where you can sit and read the paper with a cup of coffee before your day begins. You may be looking for a space to finish your evening – a relaxing space to unwind after a long day’s work. When designing a sunroom as a leisure space, select colors that you find calming and relaxing. Include comfortable seating – reclining chairs, cushy sofas, whatever brings you into your relaxed state of Zen.

No matter when you are looking for a leisure place to relax and enjoy the outdoors in the comfort of your home, a sunroom, screen room, or solarium are great options. All three of these options provide you with a relaxing space with the perks of the outdoors in the comfort of the indoors.

Man holds a coffee cup while sitting in a chair in his sunroom - ECCO Sunroom & Awning
alarm clock beside bed in sunroom | Ways to Use A Sunroom

#3 Use Your Sunroom As A Bedroom

Depending on the size and shape of your sunroom it could be an ideal space to function as a spare bedroom or extra bedroom for overnight guests. For a sunroom which is narrow, a daybed could be perfect option that can be used as a space overnight guests as well as a comfortable sitting area when guests are not in town. A sofa or futon that converts into a bed is another option to be able to utilize your sunroom as you like and quickly convert it into a spare bedroom for out of town guests when needed.

The amount of windows and access to natural light make sunrooms a great space for overnight guests to enjoy panoramic views of your backyard. With the windowed walls, there is a minimum need to add decorations. You will want to include appropriate window treatments to add privacy for overnight guests. Consider adding a small desk or sitting chair so that you can enjoy the sunroom space when guests are not in town.


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#4 Use Your Sunroom As Dining Room

A sunroom can also make an excellent dining space for your family and friends to enjoy. Some homeowners find that a simple dining area set-up in their sunroom is perfect for small intimate meals where they enjoy the perks of being outdoors in the comfort of their home. Others are looking for a full-time dining room space and their sunroom is that ideal space.

sunroom used as dining room | Ways to Use A Sunroom

For a simple dining space set-up, consider a bistro table and chairs to create a small breakfast nook in your sunroom. If your sunroom is larger, you can establish your sunroom as a full dining room with a large table and ample seating. Additionally, if you set-up your sunroom as a dining room it can be ideal to provide overflow dining seating for when you have a houseful of guests over the holidays.

Either way, consider dining room chairs which are easy to clean or utilize machine washable slipcovers which can be removed and washed. Consider a table height where you can easily add bonus chairs for extra guests. When constructing your sunroom that is to be used as a dining room, consider placing it in near proximity to your kitchen or outdoor grill for the easy flow in preparing and delivering food to hungry guests.

Utilizing your sunroom as a dining room may be ideal if your kitchen has limited space. With a sunroom serving as a dining room, you can free space in your kitchen – making it a more enjoyable space to cook and prepare meals in.

#5 Use Your Sunroom As Living Room or Family Room

If you your family has outgrown your home’s living room, then a sunroom can be a great space to create a new, larger family room. Because a sunroom is a room where you can enjoy the perks of the outdoors while in the comfort of your home, day or night it makes a great space for family fun.

Some homeowners wish that the layout of their home had the living room or family room in a different location. A sunroom addition can solve that problem. Just like any other home addition, a sunroom is added to the home and there can be flexibility in where the home addition is added.

Comfy seating is a must in using your sunroom as a living room. Consider including side tables or a coffee table to have spaces where family members can rest drinks and snacks. Especially if you are planning on setting up a television or gaming monitor, you will want to have curtains, blinds, or shades. With a sunroom being engulfed in windows, you will need window treatments to minimize sunlight and glare on your screen when watching in the daytime.

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#6 Use Your Sunroom As A Home Office

Many homeowners are looking to include a home office and are turning to a sunroom to create that space. Because a sunroom is surrounded by windows, setting up a home office in a sunroom addition provides you with natural sunlight while you work. Sunlight has been proven to improve your mood and productivity.

Set-up and design of your sunroom office can be simple or complex. A desk and chair are always a must for a home office. You will probably need Wi-Fi so make sure your router and system is accessible in your sunroom space. You may also need window treatments that will help reduce glare from computer screens depending on the location of your desk and window layouts.

Additionally, a home office set-up in a sunroom can provide a more secluded workspace – with limited distractions from the rest of the house. A home office can help you only “plug in” to work while in that space – a separate space to shift your mind from home mode to work mode. Whether you are working from home or logging in work hours outside of the office, a sunroom or four season room can be a great option as a home office.

sunroom with plants | Ways to Use A Sunroom

#7 Use Your Sunroom For Hobbies

Adding a space to your home that fosters a passion or hobby is another popular goal for a sunroom addition. While each hobby may have specific elements to make the space perfect, if you are looking for natural sunlight for your projects then a sunroom addition is the right choice. Some hobbies such as gardening, crafting, a home gym, and model building excel with natural sunlight.

If gardening is your hobby, then a solarium, four season room, conservatory, or orangery may be the path you choose for your addition. These options provide maximum sunlight exposure while being able to control indoor climates. A solarium is made primarily of glass. It gets its name from the Latin, “place of sun[light].” You can imagine how plants can thrive in a solarium no matter the weather outside. 

A sunroom addition can be an ideal space to practice your hobby. With a view of the outdoor, an abundance of natural sunlight, and protection from the outdoor climate, your hobby will thrive in a sunroom. Additionally, a sunroom provides a space that is removed from distractions in the rest of your home and provides a great place for you to organize and store your hobby accessories.

Make Plans For Your New Sunroom

Determining how you will use the new space a sunroom addition will provide also helps to guide you on the amount of space this goal will require. Knowing the square footage your new sunroom addition will be (or at least a range) is a critical component to calculating the overall cost of the project. You may choose to design a sunroom that is multi-purpose or to be primarily used for one key function. While the top 7 usages of a sunroom are, an entertaining space, a leisure space, a family room, a dining room, a home office, and a room for hobbies – the ways you chose to design and use your sunroom are endless.

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