Converting A Porch To A Three Season Sunroom

You will find porches across Hampton Roads, from Virginia Beach to Williamsburg. A trademark of the South, porches are great to enjoy your porch without the aggravation of pesky insects. However, porches have a list of limitations. The biggest limitation of a porch is the short window of usability due to amiable temperatures. In the Hampton Roads region, porches are only comfortably enjoyable during late spring and early fall.

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Converting A Porch To A Sunroom

Porches can be converted from a space only usable 8 weeks out of the year to a three season sunroom that is usable for a majority of the year. A three season sunroom is more protected than a porch. Instead of using screens shielding you from the elements, a three season room uses window panels and glass doors – allowing for more indoor temperature controls.

Advantages Of Converting To A Three Season Sunroom

Increased Usage

Converting from a porch or patio to a three season sunroom, you will enjoy all the perks of your existing porch with additional benefits. Extending the days in which you can use your space is the biggest advantage of converting your porch to a sunroom. Three season sunrooms are used comfortably throughout the spring, fall and parts of the winter and summer – when outside temperatures are mild. A porch window of usage is diminished to only some of the spring and fall season.

More Natural Sunlight

Using windows instead of screens, your three season sunroom room will have more natural light. With protective windows, your furniture in the space will be less prone to fading. Additionally, furniture won’t be exposed to wind, rain, dust and debris. These elements can cause damage to furniture in a screened-in porch.

Reduced Outdoor Noise

By replacing your screens with windows, you will reduce outdoor noises. In a three season sunroom that is surrounded with windows, you are in control of the amount of outdoors sounds that you hear. If you want to keep an eye and an ear on the kids in the backyard – open your windows. If your neighbors are having a bash in their backyard – keep the windows shut. A three season sunroom offers reduction in outdoor noise for further enjoyment of your space.

Less Repair And Maintenance

Window panels in a three season sunroom are easier to maintain than screens of an enclosed porch or completely exposed porches. Screens of an enclosed porch can rip and tear easily. Damaged screens are tricky to replace. There are two key seasons when damage from debris and wind is common. In the autumn and winter seasons when trees shed leaves and broken limbs. In the summer hurricane and tropical storm season which often impacts Hampton Roads with high speed winds and flying debris. Windows are a safer bet to steer clear of unforeseen repair and maintenance.

Eliminate Pollen And Dust

Twice a year the Hampton Roads area becomes a landscape covered in yellow. With even the gentlest of breezes during pollen season in the spring and fall you can see clouds of yellow pollen swirling around, covering cars and sidewalks. If you have a porch you know the aggravation of trying to keep your porch furniture from this yellow monster. With a three season sunroom, surrounded by windows instead of screens, closed windows allow you to keep the pollen outside and the enjoyment inside.

Improved Value Of Your Home

A three season sunroom is an upgraded space versus a porch. Owing to the greater number of days in the year you can use this space, coupled with the many advantages that windows provide over screens, a three season sunroom can increase the resale value of your home. Converting a porch to a three season sunroom provides a return on investment while you are enjoying your home as well as when you are preparing to sell.

How Do Porches Convert to Sunrooms?

An experienced sunroom installer will first evaluate the existing porch structure. While your current space has sufficient framing to accommodate screens, supporting windows is different. In evaluating the current porch structure, an experienced installer will determine if the framing dimensions can support a window layout.

Once the existing space has been evaluated, the design plans will be drawn up. From there, additional details such as colors and trim can be selected. It is important that the exterior of the new three season sunroom aesthetically match the style of the rest of the exterior of your home. ECCO’s sunrooms are custom designed and custom manufactured to meet your goals for the space inside and out.

Cost-efficiency Of Converting A Porch Into A Sunroom

Whether your porch was built with the intent to convert to a sunroom later or not, making the conversion is cost-efficient. Your new sunroom will use many facets of your existing porch. That means a savings to you in the end. The foundation and possibly structural support of your porch can be repurposed in your new space. Repurposing elements of your porch saves you money on materials and additionally, speeds up the job. A homeowner converting a porch into a three season sunroom can have it built more quickly and less expensively than starting from scratch.

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