Introducing Custom Open Air Cabanas and Spa Rooms

ECCO Sunroom & Awning, with a stellar reputation for building and installing high quality custom shade and outdoor living spaces to Hampton Roads homeowners for over 30 years, is pleased to announce the addition of two new product options – Open Air Cabanas and Spa Rooms. 

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Open Air Cabanas

Our Open Air Cabanas are cheerful shade structures that combine comfort and simplicity with a hint of resort-style chic. These versatile stand-alone structures are perfect for shade pools, patios, and terrace areas. Coming in a variety of shapes (square, rectangular, or octagonal) with customizable options in fabric choices and frame colors, these resort-style Open Air Cabanas are the perfect addition to your favorite outdoor space.

Cabana Size & Shape

Design a space that is all your own with our customized Open Air Cabanas. Determine the size and shape you prefer to accommodate the space you want. Cabanas can be square, rectangular, or octagonal-shaped spaces. Sizes range from as small as 8 feet wide and as large as 15 feet wide. Select the height of your cabana, with options from 6’ to 10’ of headroom under the valance.

Open Air cabana with fan covers an outdoor dining area

Durable & Rust Resistant

Both stunning and sturdy, our Open Air Cabanas are made with ultra-strong tapered aluminum legs and a vector vent roof system. The tapered aluminum legs come in nine powder-coated colors. An aesthetically designed product that will never rust or tarnish. The Vector Vent Roof System, which offers maximum comfort and durability, is also made with industrial-strength aluminum that is color matched to the legs of your cabana. 

20 Degrees Cooler

Function meets style with these “gazebo-styled” shaded spaces. Not only do our Open Air Cabanas protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays, these commercial quality structures can also lower the temperature of your space by as much as 20 degrees.

Open Air Cabana Covers blue chairs sitting poolside

Customize Your Cabana

Strong and durable, our Open Air Cabana roofing fabric is built to last. Our cabanas are crafted with a roof made with the best outdoor fabric in the industry. With a selection of 24 linens, stripes, and solids, you can customize your Open Air Cabana exactly the way you want it.


Looking to add even more intimacy to your backyard setting? Consider customizing your Open Air Cabana with curtains and privacy panels. We offer three color with ties (white, silver, and toffee) coordinating to your roof fabric to bring more privacy to your outdoor living space. Pull the curtain and privacy panel fabric when you want to add more shade to your cabana.

Add greater comfort to your cabana by equipping your cabana with a fan to keep a cooling breeze on warmer days. Including a light in your cabana extends your entertainment well into the night. Customize your cabana to include a light or fan bracket mounting kit or both for the ultimate in premium cabana enjoyment.

Infinity pool and patio of modern house. Open air cabana with curtains and privacy curtains covers outdoor couch

Functional and beautiful design meet in our premium Open Air Cabanas. Schedule a free consultation today by calling 757-424-0022 to learn how ECCO Sunroom & Awning can transform your outdoor living space into your dream oasis. 

Spa Rooms

Our Spa Rooms are the perfect option to turn your outdoor hot tub environment into a perfect escape. Enjoy your hot tub year-round by placing it into a customized Spa Room. Banish the winter blues, no matter how cold it is outside, by slipping into your Spa Room and enjoying your refreshing hot tub right outside your door. Whether you are relaxing in your hot tub solo, or hosting guests, enclosing your hot tub in a Spa Room allows you to extend your hot tub enjoying season.

Specifically designed to include a hot tub, our Spa Room has a unique feature that enables seamless install or removal of a hot tub. With a Removable Center Double Sliding Door/Wall System, you can easily remove the entire wall in order to install a hot tub. Once your hot tub is installed, the entire door and wall system can be easily re-affixed. Our Spa Rooms provide you with the most comfortable and private hot tub experience at home.

Spa Room showing Hot Tub slotting into accessible door frame
Woman in swimwear at jacuzzi.

Be the envy of the neighborhood as you enjoy your hot tub year-round in a Spa Room by ECCO Sunroom & Awning. Schedule a free consultation today by calling 757-424-0022 to learn how we can bring you the ultimate hot tub experience at home year-round.