How Much Does A New Sunroom Cost?

Many homeowners in Hampton Roads, from Virginia Beach to Williamsburg and everywhere between, have considered adding a sunroom to their home. One of the first questions they ask is, “how much does a new sunroom cost?” As with most home construction projects, it is difficult to find a cost by simply searching online.  Adding a sunroom to your home is a permanent custom home addition. Building a sunroom onto your home requires similar building codes and guides as those necessary when your home was constructed. Additionally, the design and construction of your sunroom is a custom project. There are a multitude of ways to select key elements of your home that impact the pricing of the overall project. Abiding by housing codes in addition to the many variables and options in constructing your custom sunroom make it impossible to find flat pricing without a professional reviewing the scope of your project.

How Is A Sunroom Quote Determined?

While it is impossible to find a flat price for a custom sunroom project without a meeting to determine the scope of work, there are several variables that impact pricing.

Size Of Your Sunroom

Determining how large your new sunroom will be is the first variable impacting the cost of your room. The size of the space includes the height, width, and roof projection. The size of the space you will need for your new sunroom is impacted by the purpose you plan to use your sunroom, a place for entertaining, enjoying a hobby, or simply relaxing and soaking up the indoors from the comfort of your home. Knowing the dimensions that you would like your new sunroom to be is an important factor in determining the cost of your new sunroom.

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Selection Of Windows And Walls

There are a variety of ways to enclose your new sunroom. How you intend to use the space will impact the type of windows and walls you should select. The type of walls and windows that you decide upon for your new space will impact the cost of your sunroom. You may decide to use screens, single pane glass, double-pane, or high-performance insulated glass. You may choose patio doors, windows, and knee walls, or a combination. What you decide upon for the windows and wall structure of your new sunroom impacts the overall cost of your new sunroom.

Roof Selection

There are several options for the type of roof you would like for your new sunroom. You may decide upon a custom wood roof, or a panelized roof system. There are also options for insulating below the roof. Some roof options such as structural panels with I-beams offer low maintenance. Roof styles include single slope and gable roof styles. The material and style of roof that you select for your new sunroom will impact the overall cost of your sunroom.

Sunroom with Gable Roof Exterior
Sunroom with Gable Roof
Straight Eave Solarium Curtain Wall Interior
Straight Eave Solarium interior view.

Custom Add-Ons

To make your dream sunroom, you may consider including custom add-ons. Some popular custom add-ons include, skylights, and HVAC systems. Our skylights are glass roof panels built-in to the roof construction. Adding skylights to your sunroom will increase the natural light in your new space and views of the sky. For a four-season sunroom in Hampton Roads, you will want to include a heating and cooling unit. An HVAC system in your sunroom will allow you to comfortably use this new space in the heat of the summer and cold of the winter months. Including a deck to enhance your sunroom would also add to the function of your new sunroom and also impact the cost of the overall project. These and other custom add-ons will impact the overall cost of your new sunroom.

Construction Materials

There are varying levels of construction materials that ECCO Sunroom & Awning can use in constructing your sunroom. There are three main types of construction materials that we use – thermally engineered products, non-thermally engineered aluminum, and structurally reinforced vinyl. All three of these construction materials are high-quality and provide better views and ventilation than a stick-built structure. The materials you select will impact the cost of your sunroom.

Current Space And Structure

Evaluating the space and structure where you plan to build your new sunroom will also impact the overall cost of the project. If you have an existing foundation that meets code and can be used in constructing your new sunroom or will a foundation need to be included to the cost of the construction? The sunroom should mirror the look and feel of the exterior style of your home. Matching the roof of your home and exterior material will impact the cost of your new sunroom as well.

Permits And Building Codes

The timeline and cost of your new sunroom can also be impacted based on the permits required for the job. Local and state building codes, homeowner associations, other zoning issues will also impact your sunroom project.

Range Of Costs

As with any home addition project, the cost of building a new sunroom to your home is complex. While a general estimate is impossible, without a thorough idea meeting and consultation, there are general ranges to guide you. The cost of the construction of a sunroom addition ranges anywhere from $15,000 to $80,000 with the average just over $40,000. We recommend setting up an appointment for us to come out and give a free quote for your project.

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