How To Clean And Maintain Your Sunroom

ECCO Sunroom & Awning loves unveiling completed sunroom projects to homeowners across the Tidewater and Peninsula region. We want to help you keep that brand new sunroom feeling from the day that you walk into your new sunroom for years to come. Keep your new sunroom looking its best for many years by following these simple maintenance tips.

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Basic Sunroom Cleaning Maintenance

Regularly clean your sunroom as you would any other room in your home. Keep your sunroom clean regularly: windows, screens, flooring, locks, handles, and doors. Cleaning should include both the interior and exterior of your sunroom or screen porch conversion on a regular basis.

Because sunrooms are comprised of a large number of windows, keeping them clean will allow you to enjoy the outdoors in the comfort of your home. In addition to spot cleaning your windows as needed, plan for a deeper cleaning for your sunroom windows moving into the spring and into the fall seasons.

When you are cleaning your sunroom, don’t use harsh chemicals or abrasive brushes. Harsh chemicals and cleaning materials can scratch and permanently damage materials of your sunroom. Avoid pressure washing the exterior of your sunroom as that can cause cracks or damage surrounding the windows or frames.

Sunroom Cleaning Supplies
Don't use harsh chemicals or abrasive brushes.

Sunroom Floor, Wall, And Door Maintenance

Every project that ECCO Sunroom & Awning completes is customized. That means there are many flooring, wall construction, and door selection options available for your sunroom. Depending on the type of flooring, wall source, and door that you select, the cleaning methods may vary. Check with manufacture guidelines on regular cleaning of your sunroom floor, walls, and doors.

As for maintenance, you will want to check the flooring, walls, door of your sunroom for the following issues:

  • -Water damage (moisture, buckling, warping, cracks)
  • -Signs of termite or wood damage (rot, warping, buckling, or swelling)
  • -Metal/Paint repair needs (rust, peeling paints)
  • -Weather Sealant damage
  • -Concrete that is cracked or changes in color
Floor cleaning
Regularly clean your sunroom floor and check for issues that require maintenance.
Maintenance Sunroom Flooring
Floors made of concrete should be checked regularly for signs of cracks and changes in color.

Flooring Maintenance By Material

Floors made of concrete should be checked regularly for signs of cracks and changes in color. If your flooring is concrete repair and maintenance may include patching or sealing.

Flooring such as tile and carpet can show wear and tear over time. You may choose to remove the old flooring altogether and opt for newer and more durable LVP (luxury vinyl plank) or vinyl wood plank flooring options. You may also choose to replace wall-to-wall carpet in your sunroom with a large area rug.

If you have a wooden deck accompanying your sunroom space exposure to the elements can cause the wood to splinter or fade. Wood deck repair and maintenance may include sanding, staining, and sealing.

Exterior Sunroom Maintenance

When maintaining the exterior of your sunroom, never put weight on the outside of your sunroom or gutters. Because a hallmark of your sunroom is a large number of windows and glass walls, homeowners can get into real trouble if they lean a ladder on the side of a sunroom, it’s walls or windows. Use an A frame ladder when cleaning the outside windows, walls, and gutters of your sunroom.  Refrain from walking on the roof of your sunroom.

Climbing Ladder
Never put weight on the outside of your sunroom or gutters.
Prune Landscape
Regularly maintain the landscaping surrounding your sunroom.

Exterior Sunroom Landscape Maintenance

Regularly maintain the landscaping surrounding your sunroom. Overgrown plants, trees, and bushes can cause structural damage to your sunroom over time. Additionally unmanaged landscaping surrounding your sunroom could obstruct your sunroom’s view of the outdoor. Always make sure that the level of your beds and lawn outside the sunroom are not above the floor level of the sunroom as this will allow water to get in and cause damage. Ensure there is a safe distance between your landscaping and your sunroom as well. Trim trees and shrubbery to reduce the likelihood of pests and insects finding shelter in your sunroom. Additionally keep limbs clear of your sunroom windows to reduce damage during storms, and reduce pollen and sap residue on windows.

Sunroom Roof And Gutter Maintenance​

As with the entire gutter system of your home, those connected with your sunroom addition require regular maintenance. Keep your gutters clear of leaves, pine straw, and other debris. Ensure that the downspouts flow easily, without obstructions, and the outflow of rainwater is drawn away from the foundation of your home. These maintenance measures will ensure that water does not collect along your roofline or your foundation. Water collecting in these areas could cause greater damage to your sunroom over time.

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