Ways To Enjoy Your Sunroom In The Winter

If you have or plan to have a sunroom in your home, you can enjoy it even in the winter season. Four-season sunrooms, also known as a year-round sunrooms, can be enjoyed in the winter in addition to the summer, spring, and fall. These sunrooms are equipped to include high levels of insulation to keep the cold outside as well as access to an HVAC system that controls the temperature in the space, keeping the warm inside.

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Ways to Make Your Sunroom Warm

You can include additional elements to keep your sunroom toasty and warm this winter. These elements include warm flooring, properly sealed windows and thermal-insulated window treatments, ceiling fan usage, and the addition of a portable heat source.

Warm Flooring

Nothing says winter more than warm toes on an icy floor. Keep a cozy atmosphere in your sunroom this winter with a thick rug or padded carpet. Not only will it feel warm and look toasty; it will also add a thicker layer of protection between your sunroom floor and the cool outdoor temperatures.

Cozy blue furniture and blankets

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Sealed Windows and Thermal Insulated Window Treatments

Another area to give attention to in keeping your sunroom warm in the winter are the windows. Ensure windows and frames are properly sealed with weather stripping and caulk. Check for cracks and gaps, winterizing the weather stripping and sealing around the windows where needed.

Keep warmth inside and cool temps outside with the insulation of windows using thermal-insulated window treatments, shades, or vertical blinds. By including thermal insulated window treatments, you can not only control the sunlight exposure to your sunroom, you can also add a protective barrier between your windows and the cold outside temperatures. Thermal-insulated window treatments can add the style and design you are looking for in your sunroom space while also working to keep your sunroom toasty in the winter.

Ceiling Fan

Use a Ceiling Fan

An often-overlooked resource in your sunroom is a ceiling fan. While traditionally ceiling fans are thought of to keep a room cool, when turned in reverse a ceiling fan can serve to warm a space. Most ceiling fans have a rotation switch on the fixture that determines which direction the fan blades rotate. In the winter months, select your ceiling fan to rotate in a clockwise direction which draws cool air up and forces warm air down.

Use a Portable Heat Source

Including a heat source in your sunroom is a no-brainer to adding warmth in the winter months. Consider a traditional space heater for an inexpensive source of heat in your sunroom. Today there are a range of portable electric fireplaces and wood stoves that combine a warm and cozy aesthetic as well as a source of heat for individual rooms such as sunrooms. If you include a space heater or portable electric fireplace in your sunroom this winter, use them to warm up the space about an hour or two before you head out for maximum toasty pleasure.

Warm socks by the fireplace

Ways to Make Your Sunroom Cozy

Cozy Furniture Set-Up

Rearrange or repurpose the furniture in your sunroom with a focus on comfort. Whether it is a reading nook or rocking chair for napping – set-up the furniture in your sunroom for comfort and coziness as you hibernate indoors this winter.

hot cocoa and blankets in the winter

Accessorize with Cozy Blankets and Pillows

Incorporate a basket of warm blankets or throws that you can cuddle up in add to the decoration and coziness of the space. Add plush pillows in holiday or wintry whites and blues to add comfort, and hallmarks of the season.

Cozy-Up with a Warm Beverage

Consider stocking a warm beverage cart such as an individual serving coffee maker or electric kettle stocked with hot cocoas, apple ciders, mugs and more. Have spaces and coasters to rest cups of coffee or hot cocoa in your sunroom. Guests young and old will enjoy cozying up in your sunroom with a warm seasonal beverage. With warm drinks, cozy blankets, and comfy seating, you are sure to enjoy your sunroom all through the winter season.

hot cocoa with candy cane

Festive Winter Décor – Small Touches Bring The Season Indoors

Couch with winter coffee table decor

Select hints of winter décor to add to the ways you can enjoy your sunroom in the colder seasons. Consider accenting your sunroom space with wintery colors such as touches of silver and gold or blue and white hues. Enjoy the beauty of the winter season while toasty and warm in your sunroom.

Winter and Holiday Decorating

Consider decorations with snowflakes or wintery scenescapes. Add glistening cut glass reminiscent of snow catching the sun. Draw from the natural wintery outdoors such as bare limbs or twigs, holy and winter greenery in unique arrangements.

Winter Lighting

Consider soft lighting to add to the cozy feeling when winter darkness settles earlier in the evening. A glow in your sunroom will be both comforting and relaxing on frigid winter nights. Candles, lanterns, and Edison bulb lights are ways to give your sunroom the soft glow reminiscent of natural warmth. Scented candles such as fir, holly berry, and cranberry will summon your nose to settle in for a relaxing evening in the sunroom.

White lanterns

Ways To Use Your Sunroom This Winter

There are several ways you can enjoy your sunroom in the winter. Your space can be a great zone to relax, escape, restore peace, and enjoy alone time in the winter. It can also be used for intimate social gatherings. Simple family bonding activities like movie night or game night are extra special in your sunroom in the winter. Cozy up with your family over cups of hot cocoa during the winter season. Consider using your sunroom as extra space to entertain. You can transform your sunroom to a dining or entertaining space for extra guests in the holidays and winter season. Set-up your dining table and chairs for a formal meal. Set-up a buffet in the kitchen with casual seating in your sunroom for a more causal gathering. Either way, your guests will enjoy the 360-view of your backyard.

When it is wintery and cold outside, you will be warm and cozy in your year-round sunroom.

Your Sunroom For Every Season

No matter how you plan to use your sunroom this winter, it is sure to please as you enjoy the outdoors in the comfort of your home. Simple adjustments to furniture, lighting, and décor can transform your sunroom space for any occasion or season. Thinking about adding a sunroom to your home? Don’t let another holiday pass you by. Contact ECCO Sunroom & Awning for a free in-home quote today 757-424-0022!

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