Construction Process

At ECCO Sunroom and Awning, we take the sunroom building process seriously. We only use our own employees that have been drug screened and have passed a criminal background check. All sunrooms, patio covers, solariums, additions and even screen rooms require engineering to meet minimum wind loading of 100 mph in Hampton Roads and 130 mph in most North Carolina Cities as well as continuous footings. The first two pictures show poured concrete footings that have passed inspection by the city.

Next, we frame the deck foundation and open deck area and get a deck framing inspection. Your sunroom or screen room can be installed on a monolithic slab and footing (slab and footing poured at the same time) typically if your home was built on a slab. Once your foundation is in we start erecting the walls of your new Patio Enclosure.

Once the walls of your enclosure are up, we install all of the custom made windows and doors. Next step is to install your new Energy Star rated roof which can have exclusive ComfortGard insulated glass panels patented by Patio Enclosures. Your year round room is just about done. Next we wire and install electrical outlets, lights and fans as well as an optional heating and cooling system for your Year Round Sunroom. We handle permits and inspections for electrical work as well. ECCO Remodeling, Inc. offers all types of installed finish flooring from carpet to porcelain tile for your Sunroom or Solarium. Last but not least, we get final electrical and building inspections for your sunroom. Time to enjoy your new sunroom from ECCO Sunroom And Awning!

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Sunrooms from ECCO Sunroom & Awning can be designed for whatever your needs are! From screen rooms to year-round sunrooms, we can design it to fit your needs and budget. Call today to set up your FREE, NO HASSLE, In Home Idea Meeting and Quote. Let us show you why more homeowners choose us to build their sunrooms!

Porch Conversions

Many homeowners across Hampton Roads have chosen to convert their screen porches into sunrooms. Converting a screen porch to either a sunroom or three season room extends the time you can comfortably enjoy the space with additional protection from the elements across the seasons. Not only will you have a living space you can enjoy throughout the year, you will add value to your home by converting your screen porch to a sunroom.

Do you have a screen porch that you barely use due to heat, cold, pollen, dust, or inclement weather? At ECCO Sunroom and Awning, we can transform your Screen Porch to a 3 season sunroom or year-round sunroom. With a sunroom, you can enjoy being outside without the bugs, pollen, rain and extreme temperatures we have here in Hampton Roads and North Eastern, North Carolina. 

ECCO Sunroom and Awning is the ONLY sunroom company that custom manufactures windows and doors in 1/8″ increments so that your enclosed Porch, Sunroom or Solarium looks just like it was built as part of your home. Other sunroom companies use standard size windows and doors which means they have to put ugly filler panels throughout the patio room to make their windows fit.

Construction Process

After your design consultation and idea meeting with ECCO Sunroom & Awning, you will have a new vision for your future sunroom or solarium space. Once we have developed plans for your ideal sunroom space, it is time for construction. At ECCO Sunroom & Awning, we have an in-house team of expert installers ready to create your dream sunroom. We do not hire subcontractors. Our professional construction crew members have passed extensive background checks and are licensed and insured.

Spa Room

Turn your outdoor hot tub environment into the perfect escape with a Spa Room by ECCO Sunroom & Awning. Enjoy your hot tub year-round by placing it into a customized Spa Room. Banish the winter blues no matter how cold it is outside by slipping into your Spa Room and enjoying your refreshing hot tub right outside your door. 

Patio Covers and Roofs

Turn your deck or patio area into a shaded, rain protected covered porch! At ECCO Sunroom & Awning, we can build a new patio cover so you can be protected from rain and sun. Your patio roof can be converted anytime to a screen room, three season room, or year-round sunroom!

We offer acrylic and tempered glass roof systems that you can see through and will allow light in. We also offer traditional insulated patio covers and conventionally constructed wood roofs. All solid roofs can have shingles added to match your home.